Categorized as Band -Excellent (6-97 Ranking ) Institution in Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA-2021) by Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Cultural Committee

Functions of the cell:

  • To provide platform to students to exhibit their talents.[PO:9,10]
  • To provide entertainment to students. [PO:9,10,12]
  • To showcase their talents to outside world to get recognition. [PO:9,10,12]
  • To promote a dynamic cultural heritage that is preserved, used and developed. [PO:9,12]
  • To inculcate leadership qualities among students. [PO:8,9,10,12]
  • To provide platform to faculty to exhibit their talents. [PO:9]
  • A cultural hall is provided to students for showcasing their talents.
  • Dressing rooms are provided to participants.
  • Transportation will be provided for all the students and faculty attending the event.
  • Provides disciplinary actions for security purpose.
  • Provides refreshments to participants.

Composition of the Committee:

  • The composition of committee comprises with one faculty member as coordinator and two students from Humanities and sciences.
  • One faculty member and two students from Department of Computer Science Engineering.
  • One faculty member and two students from Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering.
  • One faculty member and two students from Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • One faculty member and two students from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • One faculty member and two students from Department of Civil Engineer.

Committee coordinator:

  • Coordinator and faculty members shall discuss and decide the year plan for the events.
  • Coordinator assigns responsibilities for faculty and students.
  • Coordinator and members shall estimate the budget for an event to be conducted.
  • Coordinator and faculty members coordinate with the students and conduct events
  • Committee coordinator solves the indisciplinary issues and takes necessary measures.
  • Coordinator shall select and nominate few of the students members for the discipline committee.
  • Faculty member from each department shall collect the list of students interested to participate.
  • Faculty members shall shortlist the candidates during the selection process
  • Faculty member from each department shall organize the programs with the help of student organizers.
  • Hospitality provided to the guests by the students shall be monitored by the faculty members.
  • Faculty members shall have continuous monitoring over the events conducted.
  • Faculty member from each department shall look after the issues raised by the students.
  • Student members are responsible to provide the hospitality to the guests.
  • Student members of the discipline committee shall intimate the faculty members against in disciplinary issues.
S.No. Name of the Member Designation Department Position Held Sign
1 Mrs.Shailaja Reddy Assistant Professor S&H Coordinator
2 Mrs. K.Shravani Assistant Professor CSE Member
3 Mr .Hanumanthu Assistant Professor ECE Member
4 MsRVS.Lakshmi Assistant Professor MECH Member
5 Mrs.shireesha Assistant Professor EEE Member
6 Ms.Chandhana Assistant Professor CIVIL Member
8 Sunil Student ECE Member
9 Sathwika Student ECE Member
10 Yash Mittal Student CSE Member
11 Manvitha Reddy Student CSE Member
12 Venkat Student MECH Member
13 B.Charan Student MECH Member
14 Manan Student EEE Member
15 Bavitha Student EEE Member
16 Lahari Student CIVIL Member
17 Ravi Student CIVIL Member