ICC Cell

About the ICC Cell
St Peters Engineering College is a coeducational institution providing equal opportunities to all. Men and women work together in a congenial atmosphere, however if there are any complaints involving physical contacts or advances, demand for sexual favours, sexually tainted remarks, and any unwelcome physical, verbal or nonverbal expressions of a sexual nature; it is addressed and appropriate action is taken. This cell aims at sensitizing the students and staff to work diligently to prevent sexual harassment in the college. Complaints of sexual harassment shall be lodged with the Committee and appropriate disciplinary action is initiated by the members in accordance to the rules and regulations of the college.

Why ICC?

  • It is formed according to the provisions of the POSH ACT-Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act of 2013, 9 th December 2013. (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal).
  • It is also mentioned in University Grants Commission (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) Regulations, 2015- 2 nd May 2016.

What is ICC?

The POSH Act demanded an ICC be made at all workplaces for the redressal of sexual harassment cases.

Functions of ICC :

  • To prevent sexual harassment at workplace.
  • To prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against girls by promoting gender amity among students and employees
  • To conduct periodical programmes on women empowerment.
  • To provide conducive environment and congenial atmosphere for women.

Who can approach ICC?

Any aggrieved woman who has suffered harassment at workplace can approach ICC. Aggrieved woman includes : a. Woman who is an employee, or b. Someone visiting workplace, or c. Student Note: A legal heir or a person prescribed can make a complaint on behalf of the woman, if the aggrieved is unable to do so on account of physical, mental capacity or death.

Committee Members

S. No Name Designation Status in the Committee Phone No/Email id
01 Dr.K.Sree Latha Principal Chair Person/Presiding Officer 9959222268/ [email protected]
02 Dr.P.Lakshmi Devi Professor Member 8705385860/[email protected]
03 Dr.M.Saritha Professor Member 9885653307/[email protected]
04 Mrs.K.Malleshwari Asst.Prof Member 9951407619/[email protected]
05 Mrs K Bhargavi Legal Counselor, Advocate Member 7032706004/[email protected]
06 Mrs.D.Jyothi Student Member 7981628931/[email protected]
07 Ms.B.Supriya Student Member 9989265471/[email protected]
08 Mr Ravi Sudhakar Public Relations Officer 9 Member 9000008578/[email protected]
09 Mr Susheel Chief Security Officer Member 8977996927/[email protected]

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