Medical Cell

The Committee is Responsible for Arrangements and monitoring of First –aid box in buses, labs, Library, classroom and hostel. It also should prepare and maintain health cards for all students. Further it also it accumulates the Counseling to the students by doctor. It also provides in house center for medical Emergencies and availability of ambulance in college for emergency.


Functions of the committee


Functions of the Cell


1 Arrangements/monitoring of Fist –aid box in buses, All labs, Library, Sports and  Hostel PO 8
2 Prepare Health cards for New Students and maintain Health cards for other students PO 7
3 Counseling the students  by Doctor PO 12
4 Provide an in house center for medical Emergencies. PO 11
5 Availability of Ambulance in college for emergency. PO 7
6 Provide regular check up to students  and faculty. PO 9

Committee Members upto 2020

S.No Name Department Designation Responsibility
01 Mrs.P Rameshwari S&H Assistant Professor Coordinator
02 Mrs. Ankita Niadu CIVIL Assistant Professor Member
03 Mrs D .Laxmi Aparna MECH Assistant Professor Member
04 Mrs. D. Divya EEE Assistant Professor Member
05 Mr. J Ramakrishna IT Assistant Professor Member
06 Mrs A Shruti ECE Assistant Professor Member
07 Dr. N Narendra phani kumar H&S Assistant Professor Member
08 Mrs.Amandeep Kaur CSE Assistant Professor Member