Alumni Committee

Composition of the Committee

  1. The composition of committee comprises two senior faculty members are acting as coordinators one from Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the other from S&H Department.
  2. One faculty member and one student from Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  3. One faculty member and one student from Department of humanities and Science.
  4. One faculty member and one student from Department of Civil Engineering.
  5. One faculty member and one student from Department of Computer Science Engineering.
  6. One faculty member and one student from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
S.No Name of the staff/Student Designation Department Position Held
1 Dr. A. Anjaiah Assistant Professor CSE Coordinator
2 Dr. Suresh Babu Assistant Professor ECE Member
3 Mr. K. Divakar Murthy Assistant Professor ME Member
4 Mr. Sajeev Assistant Professor EEE Member
5 Mrs. Vasumathi Assistant Professor S & H Member
6 Mr. Mahesh Assistant Professor CIVIL Member
7 Ms. Sandhya Student-III Year ECE member
8 Mr. Adithya Student- III Year ME Member
9 Mr.Ramesh Student-II Year EEE Member
10 Ms. Usha Student-III Year CIVIL Member
11 Mr.Santosh Student- II Year CSE Member

Roles of the committee members

Committee Coordinator:

  • Coordinator and faculty members shall prepare alumni meet report.

  • Allocation of the Alumni work to both faculty members and student coordinators.

  • Collection of feedback forms from the faculty members and receiving valuable suggestions.

  • Formation of student coordinators from each department.

  • Data base maintenance.

Faculty Member:

  • Member from all departments maintain the database of the alumni contact information.

  • Member from EEE collect news from the alumni and prepare the newsletter for publishing in the college website.

  • Members from H&S and CIVIL and ME Departments shall look after communication of alumni activities through emails and phone calls.

Student Member:

  • Venue arrangements and receiving of alumni students.

  • Hospitality, monitoring the discipline in venue.

  • Inviting Alumni for Giving Seminar on Topics beyond the Syllabus.

Responsibilities of the committee member

  1. Re-Union of Alumni.
  2. Guest Sessions by Alumni to juniors. Like a programme on Overseas Education to Final Year Students, a Programmes  on Inter-Personal Skills.
  3. Career Guidance Programmes like, add-on courses, Internships.
  4. Workshops to enable the hidden talent of the students.
  5. To improve the Academic Challenges of the Students, Alumni will be conducting “Fear Free Examinations”.  This involves suggestions to overcome the problems in the Subject.