Shutter Bugs

-The Photography Club-

pause moments & capture memories

  • Motto

    To capture memories for the college and to the students

  • Objective

    ✅ The club enables student to capture memories.
    ✅ It teaches the students to learn photography, basics and skills in the photography.
    ✅ It provides workshops and photography classes to students to develop photography and videography skills.
    ✅ Organizes & participates in institutional-level photography events.
    ✅ It motivates the students to participate in inter college and intra-college photography events.

  • About

    Photography is a way to express our happiness and memories. The shutterbugs is one of the most active clubs run by college students from 2022-23. Many photography events, workshops, etc., are organized by the shutterbugs at SPEC throughout the year to ensure that the students are also engaged in college activities. The club focuses on capturing memories and the best moments.

    Shutterbugs is formed to bring people together of the same talent , better themselves and represent the college with the best pictures and memories.

    Shutterbugs is one of the most prominent and most interesting club in our college. It was started on 12th August 2013. The club is basically a photography club where the students are given a chance to learn about different techniques in photo and videography, where we ensure that our club members learn new skills, which will help them in composing various different shots, both in video and photo formats

"We photograph to understand what our lives mean to us"

The members of the group will take photos of different and various events organized in the college one click can capture a wonderful lifetime moment. Like all creative ventures, photography requires inspiration. Photography is more than just a skill or talent; it's a passion that needs constant fulfillment.

St. Peters Engineering College has various clubs in which "SHUTTER BUGS" - The Photography Club Is actively involved and is contributing it's role in all the inter and intra College events. Shutter Bugs was Established on 12th August 2013,with a group of 7 members. Since then it started spreading it's wings and now it is the top most active Club in the College .Now there are almost more than 50 students present in this club as members. Every passionate participant, even without any knowledge in photography also can become a member

All the members in the club are trained by the team leaders and made professionals. They are taught the photography skills in a practical manner. All the participants are given opportunity to gain maximum knowledge about the club. They are provided with the equipment which is required for learning.

Not only learning, but also they are given opportunity to volunteer in various events. Students can utilize and improve their skills by participating in the events conducted in the College.

Shutterbugs is always a step ahead to give their best in all the ways they can. They are collaborating with all the other clubs and taking part in the events conducted by various clubs. They feel enthusiastic to capture the best memorable moments from the wonderful events. Until now this Club took part in many beautiful events happened in College. Few of them are, The Aquilla Fest, Musical Fest , Independence day celebration, Placement Success Meet, Batukamma fest , Graduation day, Natyotsav event, Specathon, NSS Cancer Camp, Farewell, Worshops, Club intros program and many more.

Not only up to here, but this club is always ready to collaborate and give their best in all the events which will be happening in the future.

Board Members


Photography Workshop

As Photography day is celebrated on 17th of August. A workshop was conducted in our college by the shutter bugs. Mr .Maniteja a graduate from our college and also a professional photographer .

Sir was fabulous and have give a very tremendous lecture on what is Photography and how we can take great pictures.we even have learnt about different cameras and the uses ,different type of lenses and where this cameras and lenses can be used in different situations.After the explanation was over we even had a practical session which gave us an instant idea of how to handle camera and was a very great experience. The shutter bugs team members even corrected us on the photos we clicked they even provide us with cameras.As we know A well-clicked photograph is worth more than a thousand words describes a scene infinitely better than mere words can depict. Photography even lets us see something we may never have noticed otherwise.

Photography is a way to express your ideas for others

Our shutter bugs members have designed a very great workshop which was really very useful for all the students who were passionate about Photography. That was a very informative workshop which was conducted by shutter bugs.All the members of the shutter bugs were very helpful to all the students that attended the workshop. It was a great workshop to attend.Which helped us to increase our creative skills and technical abilities in the craft and art of photography.

Graduation Day

Graduation Day of 2022 was conducted on 8th October 2022. This event was conducted to honour and congratulate all the students who all passed out successfully and secured good placement in various companies. This event has been a great success and with the involvement and help of the staff ,and student council. Apart from this ,"The Shutter Bugs" which is the photography club gave their worthful contribution which made the event a grand success.

Shutter Bugs members played a vital role in the event .The members captured all the precious moments happened in the event. This event could be rememberable even in the future..Our Shutter Bugs members beautifully designed the photo hub which captured the most special movements of the students and enlightened everyone's hearts. Our hard work paid off with the bright smiles of the graduates. We succeeded in storing a the beautiful memories of the day. He stole core place in this event We played key role in this event through our skills and talent.


Bathukamma is a colourful floral festival of Telangana and is celebrated by womenfolk with exotic flowers of the region. The festival has over the years became a symbol of Telangana culture and identity

On this auspecious occasion, our college organised Batukamma celebrations event on 1st October 2022. We have collaborated with the event and we captured the most beautiful moments in our cameras and turned them into the best memories of our college.

These wonderful pictures can be seen in the future and still feel nostalgic of those captured moments. We are glad to be a part in such a beautiful event.


✅ The students of the shutterbugs club conduct training sessions for their juniors to improve their skills.
✅ The students of the photography club actively participate in intercollege, intra-college photography competitions.
✅ The students of the shutterbugs club participate in the Independence Day Program (15th AUG), Republic Day Program (26th Jan.), Farewell, and in all college events.
✅ The students of the shutterbugs club will participate in the annual cultural program, technical events (AQUILLA) of the college
✅ We Organized photography events like photography workshops, editing workshops, photography contests, videography contests…etc
✅ Mostly all events in college will collaborate with the photography club Nearly per year photography club will do more than 1000+ events with collaboration

Upcoming Events

👉Orientation Programme👈
👉Photography & Editing Workshop👈
👉Musical Night👈
👉Traditional Day👈
👉Flash Mob👈

This is not the end, It's just a beginning. There's more to know about our Club and our Achievements