Mrs. T. Saroja Reddy

Vice President (Shantha Educational Society)

An Inspiring & Self less Mentor, The Vice-President of Shantha Educational Society and Director of SPEC, Mrs T. Saroja Reddy is an ardent academician, administrator, and articulate professional.

The prime mentor of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, she is firmly grounded in expertise. An M. Tech in Computer Science deeply rooted in ideas, concepts and vision, she inspires faculty and students to improve their perspectives on modern science and technology.

Mrs T. Saroja Reddy is a votary of wholesome education that nourishes the learners with the knowledge, sharpens skills, and develops the mindset to care for the society and devise solutions to surmount challenges of today and the future. She passionately advocates education as the means to transform every individual into an instrument of change, an influencer capable of creating a more just social and economic order, nationally and internationally.