Vision of IIC @ SPEC

  • To create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem and start-up supporting mechanism in the institute
  • To develop the cognitive ability of Technology Students.

Mission of IIC @ SPEC

  • To conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by Central MIC in time bound fashion.
  • To Create an Institution’s Innovation portal to highlight innovative projects carried out by institution’s faculty and students.

Journey of IIC @ SPEC

IIC at St. Peter’s Engineering College is established in the second half of the academic year in the year 2020-21 with an aim to foster the culture of Innovation among the students and faculty of the institution.

With a strong vision to promote the habit of innovation and entrepreneurship among the students and faculty, IIC @ SPEC has conducted more than 10 activities in these two quarters.

Next Q3 and Q4 activities are conducted by SPEC as per guidelines of IIC, in that MIC activity, self-driven activity and celebration activity. The faculty and students enthusiastically participated in various events such as workshop, leadership talk, motivational talk, activities. Further celebration activities like world earth day, world intellectual property day, national technology day, world entrepreneur day, world environment day and Independence Day all are successfully conducted.


IIC Members

As many as 18 active members of the institute paved a way to impart this knowledge related to design thinking and innovation.

S.No. Name of the Council Member Role of the Member
1 Dr.K. Sree Latha President
2 Dr. T.Shanmugapriya Convener
3 Dr.M.Saritha ARIIA Coordinator
4 Dr.P. Laxmi Devi Startup Activity Coordinator
5 Dr.Harinatha Reddy IPR Coordinator
6 K.Madhavi Internship coordinator
7 Dr.M.Dileep Kumar, Innovation Activity Coordinator
8 Ms.Arsha Reddy, Member
9 B.Bhaskar Reddy Member
10 K.Sri rama murthy Member
11 Dr.Faroze Ahmad chopan Member
12 Dr.Amjan shaik Member
13 Dr.K.Prasanna kumar Member
14 Dr. Srikanth Nandoori Member
15 Mr..Gangireddy Prabhakar Reddy Member

From Inception of IIC in the month of September, 2020 at SPEC,

Total No. of IIC Members


Total No. of IAs


Total No. of faculty Mentors


Incubation Units