Welcome to the Alumni Association!

         We are a community of accomplished individuals who have graduated from St. Peter’s Engineering College. Our association was founded to keep our alumni network strong and to promote lifelong connections among our members. Our goal is to help our current students and alumni succeed both personally and professionally.

✨As an Alumni Association, we provide a platform for our members to reconnect with old classmates, make new friends, and expand their professional networks. We organize various online and in-person events where our alumni can come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another.

✨We also provide opportunities for our members to give back to our alma mater through volunteering, mentoring, and fundraising. By doing so, we help ensure that future generations of students can benefit from the same high-quality education we received.

✨If you’re an alumnus of St. Peter’s Engineering College, we encourage you to join our community and take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a member of our association. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with old friends, expand your network, or give back to your alma mater, we have something for everyone.


The mission of our Alumni Association is to foster lifelong connections among alumni and to support the advancement of St. Peter’s Engineering College.

We strive to achieve this mission by:

✨Providing opportunities for alumni to connect through social, professional, and educational events, both online and in-person.

✨Promoting and celebrating the achievements of our alumni, recognizing their contributions to their professions, communities, and society at large.

✨Facilitating mentorship and career development opportunities for alumni to support their career growth and help current students and recent graduates succeed.

✨Engaging alumni in volunteer opportunities that support the mission and goals of our institution, such as fundraising, advocacy, and outreach initiatives.

✨Collaborating with our alma mater to advance its strategic priorities, including enhancing the quality of its programs, supporting its research and scholarship, and strengthening its reputation.

Through these efforts, we aim to create a strong and supportive community of alumni who are committed to one another and the success of our institution.


The Alumni Association organizes various activities to foster connections among alumni, support professional development, and promote the mission and goals of our alma mater. Some examples of these activities include:

✨Networking events: The Alumni Association hosts various events such as networking receptions, alumni mixers, and professional development workshops to provide opportunities for alumni to connect with one another and build their professional networks.

✨Mentoring programs: The Alumni Association organizes mentoring programs that pair alumni with current students or recent graduates to provide guidance, advice, and support for career development.

✨Reunions: The Alumni Association plans and organizes reunions for alumni to reconnect with their classmates and reminisce about their time at our alma mater.

✨Volunteer opportunities: The Alumni Association offers various volunteer opportunities to alumni, such as serving on alumni committees, participating in fundraising campaigns, and supporting community service projects.

✨Guest speaker events: The Alumni Association invites alumni who have achieved success in their careers to speak at events and share their experiences and insights with other alumni and current students.

✨Alumni awards: The Alumni Association recognizes outstanding achievements of alumni through various awards, such as the Distinguished Alumni Award or Young Alumni Achievement Award.

✨Online engagement: The Alumni Association maintains an online presence, including social media platforms and a website, to facilitate communication and engagement among alumni.

Through these activities, the Alumni Association strives to maintain a strong and supportive alumni community, support the professional development of its members, and advance the mission and goals of our alma mater.