Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The Department of Artificial Intelligence was established in the year 2020 with an intake of 60 Students. Artificial Intelligence prepares students with the skills to perform intelligent data analysis which is a key component in numerous real-world applications. Apart from making them good technocrats, the Department also provides individual attention to make them good citizens of our nation and to serve the industry and society constructively to make them good technocrats through futuristic plans.  The Department has state-of-the-art facilities for various labs, well equipped seminar halls, classrooms to support e-learning and a department library. By this course, the students will gain cross-disciplinary skills across fields such as statistics, computer science, machine learning, and logic, data scientists and may have career opportunities in healthcare, business, E-Commerce, social networking companies, climatology, biotechnology, genetics, and other important areas. 

Vision and Mission

To improve fundamentals and make it easier to address the ever expanding needs of society by producing the best leaders in artificial intelligence and machine learning via excellence in research and education.
  • DM1: Create centers of excellence in cutting-edge computing and artificial intelligence.
  • DM2: Impart rigorous training to generate knowledge through the state-of-the-art concepts and technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • DM3: To enhance research in emerging areas by collaborating with industries and institutions at the national and international levels.

PEO's and PSO's

  1. PEO 1: Work effectively in inter-disciplinary field with the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop solutions to the real-world problems.
  2. PEO 2: To communicate and work effectively on team based engineering projects and will practice the ethics of their profession consistent with a sense of social responsibility.
  3. PEO 3: Excel as socially committed engineers or entrepreneurs with high ethical and moral values.
  • PSO-1  Apply fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve multidisciplinary engineering problems.
  • PSO-2 To communicate and work effectively on team based engineering projects and will practice the ethics of their profession consistent with a sense of social responsibility.

Faculty Details

S.NO Faculty Name Designation Qualification UID Profile
1 Dr.P.Deepan HOD Associate Prof. M.Tech, Ph.D 4010-210707-141319 View Profile
2 Dr. Lakshmi Devi Pujari Professor, Head of Academics M.Tech, Ph.D 1881-160307-111846 View Profile
3 Mr. Ch. V. Ganesh Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech 81150404-161617 View Profile
4 Dr. M. Chandra Naik Professor M.Tech, Ph.D 7356-160225-112618 View Profile
5 Mr. Arumulla Suman Assistant Professor M.Tech 7356-160225-112618 View Profile
6 Mrs. Sangoju Madhavi Associate Professor M.Tech 9201-160314-161733 View Profile
7 Mr. Shiva Prasad Devarapu Assistant Professor M.Tech 3103-201006-125243 View Profile
8 Mrs. Jana Priya Nagapuri Assistant Professor M.Tech 5451-210709-145135 View Profile
9 Dr. Thillai Jeyaseelan Deepika Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D 8955-220203-140623 View Profile
10 Dr. R Venkat Associate Professor M.Tech 4579-220514-124850 View Profile
11 Mrs. Rajasekar Vidya Assistant Professor M.Tech 3315-220517-112431 View Profile
12 Mr. Veeranji Reddy Nagireddy Assistant Professor M.Tech 3562-220628-085748 View Profile
13 Mrs. Suneeta Kommuri Assistant Professor M.Tech 9842-220711-150444 View Profile
14 Dr. Dilip Kumar Mikkili Assistant Professor M.Tech, Ph.D. 0483-220920-140048 View Profile
15 Mr. Hareesh Pesala Assistant Professor M.Tech 9126-221019-144746 View Profile
16 Mrs. Vankudoth Harshitha Assistant Professor M.Tech 9877-221201-102426 View Profile
17 Mr. Rekansh Rao Assistant Professor M.Tech 7000-221215-115225 View Profile
18 Mr. Rajadurai Natarajan Assistant Professor M.Tech 0038-230314-140139 View Profile
19 Mr. R.Senthil Babu Assistant Professor M.Tech 5912-230321-110259 View Profile
20 Mrs.Sudha Vittanala Assistant Professor M.Tech 6182-230413-102417 View Profile
21 Mr. K.V.V.B. Durga Prasad Assistant Professor M.Tech 0101-230523-115857 View Profile
22 Mr. D. Senthil Assistant Professor M.Tech 9531-230523-161538 View Profile
23 Mrs. Bokka Teja Assistant Professor M.Tech 7405-230523-215929 View Profile
24 Ms. Elakkiya Sekar Assistant Professor M.Tech 5934-230604-198834 View Profile
25 Mr. Abdul Kalam Adbul Salam Assistant Professor M.Tech 2840-230619-133337 View Profile
26 Mrs. Ramya Chinta Assistant Professor M.Tech 9254-230919-104019 View Profile
27 Dr. Chinnam Yuva Raju Professor M.Tech 6553-240214-134850 View Profile
28 Mr. Firdosh Mohammed Nimmakayala Assistant Professor M.Tech 3217-240220-114329 View Profile


II B.Tech II Semester
Theory Practical
Computer Organisation Question Bank Computer Organisation  Lab
Database Management Systems Question Bank Database Management Systems Lab
Operating Systems Question Bank Operating Systems Lab
Business Economics and Financial Analysis Question Bank Gender Sensatization Lab
Formal Languages and Automata Theory Question Bank
III B.Tech I Semester
Theory Practical
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Question Bank Design and Analysis Lab
Data Communications and Computer Networks Question Bank Software Engineering Lab
Software Engineering Question Bank Computer Networks LAb
Fundamentals of Management Question Bank
Open Elective-1 PEC Question Bank
Professional Ethics
III B.Tech II Semester
Theory Practical
Compiler Design Question Bank Web Technologies Lab
Web Technologies Question Bank Advanced English Communication Skills Lab
Cryptography and Network Security Question Bank Cryptography and Network Security Lab
Open Elective II Question Bank
Professional Elective  1 Question Bank
IV B.Tech II Semester
Theory Practical
Management Science Question Bank Industry Oriented Mini Project
Adhoc and Sensor Networks(Elective – III) Question Bank Seminar
Semantic Web and Social Networks (Elective – IV) Question Bank Project Work
Comprehensive Viva
Open Elective   Disaster Management Intellectual Property Rights Human Values and Professional Ethics Elective – I     Software Project Management Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Mobile Computing Computer Graphics Operations Research
Elective – II Machine Learning Soft Computing     Information Retrieval Systems Artificial Intelligence Computer Forensics Elective – III Adhoc and Sensor Networks Storage Area Networks Database Security Embedded Systems
Elective – IV Web Services Semantic Web and Social Networks Scripting Languages Multimedia and Rich Internet Applications Professional  Elective- I Mobile Computing Design patterns Artificial Intelligence Information security Management(Security Analyst1) Introduction to Analytics(Associate Analytics-1)



Lecture Notes, Descriptive Question Bank and Objective Question Bank for Academic Year 2022-23- II Year I Sem Click Here
Lecture Notes, Descriptive Question Bank and Objective Question Bank for Academic Year 2020-21- I Year II Sem Click Here
Lecture Notes, Descriptive Question Bank and Objective Question Bank for Academic Year 2020-21- I Year I Sem Click Here


Major Projects Academic Year 2023-24 Click Here

Research and Development

Research Publications Click Here

Academic Excellence

I Year
Academic Year S. No. H.T. No. Name of the Student Branch Section %
2020-21 1 20BK1A6602 M.Ashish Kumar AI&ML A 86.83
2 20BK1A6652 Pusala Bhuvan Sai Krishna A 85.66


Academic Facilities


3rd Position in Project Expo hosted by CMR College of Engineering

Antra Hackathon at SOA University

Hackathon at St. Francis College for Women

A Team from the department of AI&ML represented our college and participated in a hackathon which was organized by Spectrum club of St. Francis college for women, they secured 2nd position and won a cash prize of 5000/- in the hackathon

First Place in MEDHANVESH 2K23 by Department of CSM


Academic Excellence

I Year
Academic Year S.No. H.T. No. Name of the Student Branch Section %
2021-22 1 21BK1A66B7 SRINIVAS SAIPRIYA AI&ML B 92.56
2020-21 1 20BK1A6602 M ASHISH KUMAR AI&ML A 86.83
II Year
Academic Year S.No. H.T. No. Name of the Student Branch Section %
2021-22 1 20BK1A6652 SUSALA BHUVAN SAI KRISHNA AI&ML A 79.35
3 20BK1A6602 M ASHISH KUMAR A 77.15

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