Mr. T. Anuraag Reddy

As an Administrative Director, I must say that St. Peter’s Engineering College (Autonomous) is not merely an educational institution but a melting pot of ideas, innovations, dreams, truthfulness, creativity, progress, and dynamism. It has always been encouraging its students to put efforts not only in building a dazzlingly rewarding career in terms of economic stability and prosperity, but also contribute substantially to the development of the society by means of becoming invaluable future resources for learning, teaching, research, and intellectual and professional guidance. It will always be my endeavor to bring out the best in the students of this institute by giving them exposure to the best possible means of education. It is my dream that students would come to consider this institute as an oasis in the desert of intellectual tediousness.

I invite all students to make the best use of the intellectual resources proffered by this college and allow themselves to achieve their all-round development and leave an indelible mark of excellence on whatever field they might choose to work in.

Mr. T. Anuraag Reddy,
B.Tech in CSE, M.S. in Management and Organization (University of Colorado, USA)
Administrative Director