Grievence Cells in St.Peters Engineering College

The college host some of the important cells i.e

  1. Antiragging Cell

‘Ragging’ means the doing of any act which causes, or is likely to cause any physical, psychological or physiological harm of apprehension or shame or embarrassment to a student, and includes

  • Teasing or abusing of playing Practical joke on, or causing hurt to any student.

  • Asking any student to do any act, or perform any thing, which he/she would not, in the ordinary course, be willing to do or perform.

Ragging is different from other crimes because the motive is solely to get perverse pleasure. Ragging is also different from other crimes as it is actively promoted by certain sections of the society.

Following types of abuses and activities will be termed as ragging:

  • Physical abuse, for example, forcing to eat, drink or smoke, forcing to dress or undress.

  • Verbal abuse, for example swear words and phrases, direct or indirect derogatory references to the person’s appearance, attire, religion, caste, family or chosen field of study.

  • Forced activity, for example

  • Chores for seniors e.g. copying notes, cleaning rooms, etc.

  • Missing classes. Not being allowed to study.

  • Staying awake late or getting up at unreasonable times.

  • Singing or dancing or performing in any other way.

  • Using foul language or shouting or cheering loudly.

  • Misbehaving with strangers, particularly women.

  • Reading or browsing porno-graphic/objectionable material

S No. Name Designation in the Committee Mail-ID Phone No. Appointment Ref.No.
1 Dr. K.Sreelatha Chairman [email protected] 9959222268 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/01
2 Mr.S.Ramesh (Inspector of Police) Member [email protected] 9490617229 040-27164334 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/02
3 Mr.K.Ramu (Rams Media) Member [email protected] 9394050289 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/03
4 Mr. Y. Vincent Reddy (NGO) Member [email protected] 9010921333/9 246290288 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/04
5 Mr.N.Ravi Sudhakar Member [email protected] 9000008578 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/05
6 Mr.S.Veeraiah Member [email protected] 9000511599 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/06
7 Mr.Raghu Kumar Member [email protected] 9704885854 SPEC/ARC/2022-2023/07
8 Dr. P. Sateesh Member [email protected] 7989201990 SPEC/ARC/2022-2023/08
9 Mr. Siva Prasad Member [email protected] 9182315984 SPEC/ARC/2022-2023/09
10 Mr. Sathyanagendra Member [email protected] 8125150691 SPEC/ARC/2022-2023/10
11 Dr Siva Kumar Member [email protected] 9703104679 SPEC/ARC/2023-2024/11
12 Mrs Divya Dasari Member [email protected] 9494551198 SPEC/ARC/2023-2024/12
13 Dr.P.J.V.Ratna Kumar Member [email protected] 9963800644 SPEC/ARC/2021-2022/13
14 Mr.D.Surya Prakash Parent member [email protected] 9494245168 SPEC/ARC/2021-2022/14
15 Mr.G.Balaraju member Parent [email protected] 9059039392 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/15
16 Mr.M.Nagunath member Parent [email protected] 9391007538 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/16
17 MD Salar Parent member [email protected] 9390785537 SPEC/ARC/2020-2021/17
18 Mr. P. Nikhil 21BK5A6605 Student Member [email protected] 9346182555 SPEC/ARC/2022-2023/18
  • To provide support for students to build up their confidence and feel the institution as their second home.
  • To strengthen students mentally by providing friendly environment for students with faculty.
  • Counsel the students and assigning set of students 20 to each mentor.
  • It conducts a thorough review/study on the grievance received from the aggrieved students, including instances of ragging in written form.
  • It submits the recommendations to the principal accordingly as per the Management policy
  • Taking necessary action for the addressed Complaints/grievances. The cell will give report to the authority about the cases attended to and the number of pending cases, if any, which require direction and guidance from the higher authorities.
Name of the Faculty/ Student Designation Department Position Held
Mr. Finny Abraham Students Counsellor SCGC Counselling Psychologist
Dr P Laxmi Devi Professor ECE ECE Coordinator
Mrs. M Saritha Assoc Professor H&S Member
Dr M Dilip Kumar Professor CSE CSE Member
Mrs K Madhavi Asst prof IT Member
Dr K Prasanna Kumar Assoc. Prof ECE Member
Dr P Deepan Assoc. Prof AIDS, CSD Member
Ms Arsha Reddy Asst. Prof CSE(AI&ML) Member
Sai Trinath Student Civil Member
Deepa Student CSE(AI&ML) Member
Nikhil Student CSE Member
Shreshta Student ECE Member
Ramya Student IT Member
Sai Nikhil Student AIDS Member
Sreeja Student CSD Member
Karthik Student CSE(DS) Member
Shiva krishna Student EEE Member
Harika Student CSE(CS) Member

The sexual harassment of women at workplace(Prevention, prohibition and redressal) act 2013 is an act to provide protection against sexual harassment of women at work place. Sexual harassment at work place. Sexual Harassment results in the violation of basic fundamental rights of women such as Right to equality under article 14,15 and her right to life and live with dignity under article 21 of the constitution of India.

The functions of the cell is to 1. Prevent 2. Remedial

S.No Name of the Employee  Designation Status in the Committee Phone No/ Email Id
1 Dr.K.Sreelatha Principal Chair Person/Presiding Officer 9959222268/[email protected]
2 Mrs K Bhargavi Legal Counselor, Advocate Member 7032706004/[email protected]
3 Ms Madhujit Singh Social worker for women Ananya women@work Member 9848563034/[email protected]
4 Mr Ravi sudhakar Public Relations Officer Member 9000008578/[email protected]
5 Mr Susheel Chief Security Officer Member 8977996927/[email protected]


F.No.1-101/AICTE/PGRC/Regulation/2021, dated 22.03.2021 as per point no 4, the following committee has been nominated as the Grievances Redressal Committee of St. Peter’s Engineering College.
S. No. Role in the committee Name of the member Designation  Phone No/Email Id
1 Chairman Dr K Sree Latha Principal-SPEC 9959222268/ [email protected]
2 One senior professor of the affiliating university Dr B Rama Devi, Professor of Chemistry, JNTUH CEH Affiliating University Nominee 9440029770/ [email protected]
3 One official from state DTE Sri G Giri Babu Deputy Director (Technical) 9849101485/ [email protected]
4 One senior faculty Dr P Lakshmi Devi Professor in ECE 9705385860/ [email protected]

Students Grievances:

Parents Grievances:

Faculty/Staff Grievances:

Alumni Grievances:

Employer Grievances:

Staff Grievance form can also be submitted as follows:

  • One dropdown box will be provided to each department and it will be opened only by the coordinator & committee members of FGRC every month end & their problems will be solved based on the priorities.

  • Faculty can send their Grievance to mail Id [email protected].

Special cases:

  • Immediate actions will be implemented for higher and sudden priority issues.

  • An open forum will be held in campus on Staff/Faculty Grievance once in a Semester in the seminar hall along with higher authorities.

The Committee is constituted with the following members AY 2023